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Sea Remedies: Evolution of the Senses by Jo Evans
Publisher: Emryss
ISBN/EAN: 978-90-76189-23-9
Weight: 1360 grams

Links, international homeopathic journal, publ. Thieme, Germany. June 2010; review by Kaare Troelsen, homeopath, Denmark
"This book is a true pearl, a welcome pleasure in the heap of poorly researched books on homeopathy that are published. The language is beautiful, the layout and images are exquisite and the way the subject is explored, analysed and presented is truly inspiring and insightful... The whole book is a product of a renaissance-like mind that without fear unfolds various fields of knowledge and relates them to reveal new and surprising knowledge."

Jan Scholten, homeopathic doctor, author, researcher and international teacher, Utrecht, NL
"This book is very well done. The themes allow an easy understanding of the remedies and the beautiful pictures bring the whole to life. It gives a good overview and deep understanding of groups such as the Cnidarians [jellyfish and sea anemones]. Very much recommended."

Franz Swoboda, MD, Austria. Editor of Documenta Homoeopathica, Homoeopathic Physician
"This book offers an invitation: a subtle and simply irresistible one. From myth to neuroscience, from provings to cases, it offers the reader every possible approach. Diving for our antecedents in evolution, we rediscover senses that we have long forgotten. Emerging from the depths of this work, sea remedies cease to be just remedies. Future homeopathic books will be measured against this one."

Similie, Faculty of Homeopathy newsletter, April 2010; review by Marysia Kratimenos MB BS FRCS(Ed) FFHom
"With the current conflict between the proponents of scientific medicine and holistic medicine, it may be opportune to reflect on the words of Niels Bohr: “There are two kinds of truth, small truth and great truth. You can recognize a small truth because its opposite is a falsehood. The opposite of a great truth is another truth.” Homeopathy is enriched by the philosophy, mythology and art within it. It was derived from a quest for scientific knowledge, a rational method of treating the sick. Art and science are not mutually exclusive. They are both truths as reflected in homoeopathic practice. The deep truth is that they can, and should, co-exist in a cohesive unified form as exemplified by Jo Evans’s excellent work."

Jane Cicchetti, RSHom(NA), CCH, Homeopath, international teacher and author of Dreams, Symbols and Homeopathy, publ. North Atlantic books, USA
"A beautifully illustrated and meticulously researched book on the sea remedies that stands to become a classic. Sea Remedies, Evolution of the Senses expands one's understanding of these valuable remedies by providing a vast amount of empirical data on provings and medical application, as well as stimulating the imagination through an intimate understanding of the substance and its role in mythology."

Andreas N. Bjørndal, MNHL, Homeopath and Principal of the Norwegian Academy of Natural Medicine, Oslo
"This book is the most extensive collection of remedies from the realm of the oceans, and takes homeopathic materia medica to a deeper level of understanding. The author's sensitivity of perception and ability to extract the vital information from natural science, qualitative science, literature and the homeopathic knowledge-base, comes together in a coherent presentation of sensations and functions, valuable polarities, and common themes of groups and sub-groups. The beautiful design and pictures bring you, like a dive, face to face with the colourful sea realm and its remedies."

Alastair C Gray, MSc, RSHom, practitioner of homeopathic Medicine, Educator and Trainer in Homeopathic, Natural and Integrative Medicine, Australia, New Zealand and internationally. Author of many provings. including sea remedy provings
"Quality homeopathic source books are fundamental to our accuracy as prescribers. Coordinating, compiling, researching and participating in some of the provings that have contributed to this work has been an all consuming labour of love for many years. To see them so beautifully incorporated into this great body of work by Jo Evans is so personally and professionally satisfying. She has done a fantastic job of bringing these new medicines to life, and to important practical use within the homeopathic community."

Jane Lindsay Lic.WSH, RSHom MAHA AROH, in Similia, Australian journal of Homoeopathic Medicine, June 2010
"This sea remedy book is much more than a materia medica or reference book; it is a wonderful read in its own right, utilising symbolism and mythology to help the reader to appreciate the individual remedies and key themes. The exploration of the [evolution of the] senses offer the reader a unique opportunity to appreciate who we are and where we have come from; the synchronicity and correspondences we find not only within the sea but also within our own lives, and within our practice of this wonderful, healing art and science – homoeopathy."